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B поисках утраченной средней линии (не рыб)

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24 October
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Born in Moscow, arrived 1987 in Israel. Live in Maale-Adumim. Father of 7. Goes to synagogue of Russian speakers "Machanaim", also a member of this organization. Took part in some editions of Machanaim.
Bio/memoirs in Russian here
See my family personal site and list of artciles in English there. Here is the list:
Articles for "Chidushei Torah@NDS" in English.
How did Talmud divided inheritance between 3 widows (2001)Do We Know Tekhelet (Biblical Blue)? (2003)Women@NDS and women@synagogue (2004)When was the first Sabbath? (2006)Case Study: Religious Anti-Zionism among Newly Observant Jews in the USSR,1980-1990 (2008) The same in PDF.Thou Shalt Not: Nay I Shall Not/Aye, I Shall Not (2009)Cosmology in Judaism (2011)

Cтатья на Недельный раздел Шемот
My discussions in LJ (56 trees!)
Current favorite citations:

Since the analogies are rot
Our senses based belief upon,
We have no means of learning what
Is really going on,

And must put up with having learned
All proofs or disproofs that we tender
Of His existence are returned
Unopened to the sender.
(More from this Auden's piece )
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Social capital

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